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View CDR files. CDR is CorelDraw's vector design file format. It stores vector graphics.

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CDR is a file format used by CorelDraw software. CorelDraw is a graphic design software. It has a very long history. In addition to designing graphics, CorelDraw can do many things, such as vector animation. Can design web pages, can make websites. It is a very famous graphic design and typesetting software. In the field of graphic design, CDR is also the main exchange file format. Designers use it to share and communicate their work.
CorelDraw software is required to view CDR files. You can also install third-party software to view CDR files. You can also use online web tools. CDR can also be converted to PNG format, and some information will be lost after conversion. There are many material websites that provide CDR format file download, the content includes icons, cartoon characters, design drawings and so on. If CorelDraw software is not installed on your computer, you cannot view the contents of the file. This tool can easily view them.

The cloud viewer can be integrated into your project or website. This service provides an API that can be called simply by passing in the URL of the document to view the file content online without writing any code.

API Use:

Parameters Description Examples Other
fileurl File URL Required
filetype File format, optional, viewer will automatically choose the correct format. psd Optional
quality Resolution, default is low resolution. high-resolution Optional

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